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In computing, virtualization is the creation of a virtual version, rather than an actual version, of hardware, an operating system, a storage device or other network resources. A virtual environment runs, from the user’s perspective, just like an actual device, but does not require the hardware, software, operating system, memory, storage and other resources in one device to do so.

Virtualization brings together multiple, separate resources to create the desired effect, without requiring the existence of those resources in one device, allowing for integration of disparate systems and resources to achieve the desired goals.

The benefits of virtualization include:

  • Better utilization of available resources such as memory, storage, processing power and applications can be deployed where they are needed most rather than lying fallow when not in use because they exist only in one device
  • Greater flexibility and scalability of systems, since resources can be deployed and directed to accomplish goals according to the organization’s priorities, and since users with different hardware and operating systems can interact with resources as needed
  • Improved cost-efficiency, as the investment in virtualization replaces the need for multiple, redundant investments in hardware and operating system upgrades to accommodate the individual needs of particular users

The biggest challenge in virtualization is in understanding all of the details of all of the underlying different hardware, operating systems, software and applications to create the virtual platform that can successfully function for all individual users. That’s why it’s important to have a well-rounded IT specialist handle virtualization—there are many technical aspects that must come together seamlessly to successfully virtualize resources.

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